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Sathish Babu Chandrasekaran

In 2008, my career began as a system engineer, diving headfirst into the intricate realm of technology and systems. However, my thirst for professional development steered me towards a diverse path. I made a significant shift into the world of 2D animation, focusing on e-learning projects, igniting my creativity and storytelling abilities. To further enrich my skill set, I eagerly delved into technologies such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CMS. These newfound competencies not only broadened my horizons but also empowered me to excel in social media promotions.

Surprisingly, my early exposure to HTML and CSS during my school days, initially overlooked, evolved into a priceless foundation for my future endeavors. Then, in 2012, I embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure, collaborating with two friends to launch “Kolakal,” an event search engine. While this particular project eventually concluded, the spirit of innovation endured. I reimagined the same concept, giving life to the “Bonjour Pondicherry” website, a cultural showcase that I continue to manage and nurture to this very day. My career has been a journey marked by adaptation, continuous learning, and growth, with each chapter building upon the last and setting the stage for new adventures and challenges on the horizon.

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Companies I worked
  • Azimuth Software India Pvt Ltd.
  • Software Developers India
  • City 365
  • Purple Swan
  • Azimuth Academy
  • Bonjour Pondicherry

I have a strong passion for continuously acquiring new skills. I make it a regular practice to learn something new every 6 months to a year to ensure that I stay current. Over the past 15 years, I’ve accumulated a diverse set of skills, including website design, graphic design, motion graphics, and video editing, and I’ve tailored my learning to meet the specific needs and requirements of my clients.

Website Designing
Graphic Designing
Motion Graphics
Video Editing

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